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Game 1 C9 vs FNC

1.Draft a pick comp

2.Force 5v5 teamfights against Ornn Maokai




-C9 got gaslighted by LCS thinking they could bruteforce at Worlds.

-Unlucky for C9 that enemy botlane actually has real players so they lose their main win condition

1.选一个抓单的阵容 2.面对奥恩茂凯强行5v5 3.??? 4.失败 -打茂凯就选妖姬,就是玩! -C9打LCS打出幻觉了,总觉得他们可以在世界赛莽出一片天 -C9运气真背,他们打的对手下路竟然是真人,所以他们失去了主要获胜的手段

riot putting c9 as the first game just so NA fans do not get any hope since the start, RIP

-NA fans spending $1000 on resale tickets to watch NA lose

拳头把C9放在第一场就是为了让这些NA粉丝们从一开始就别抱有这些不切实际的幻想 -NA的冤大头粉丝们花了1000刀买黄牛票就为了看NA输掉比赛

Did Rhuckz teach Fnatic how to play with restraint? This is one of the cleanest games they've played all year

-Not all of them. Hyli still died level 3 as per usual.

Rhucks是教会FNC怎么控制住自己不要送了吗?这把游戏看起来竟然是FNC一整年里看起来最干净利落的一把游戏。 -也不是所有人,至少海丽桑三级还是照样送了,和往常一样

Jensen got giga baited by NA mids thinking Leblanc would be good vs international mids

Jensen 被骗了,LCS那群鱼们让他产生了他的妖姬可以应付世界级中单的错觉

Game 2 G2 vs DK

Damwon are still mad about 2019 or what?

-You know it brother. Worst thing G2 ever did was the celebration in front of Damwon in 2019. Ever since then show maker and Canyon have been on a vendetta

-Showmaker never forgets

DK 还在因为S9世界赛生气吗?(S9八强赛G2 3:1 Damwon) -兄弟你是知道的,G2竟然在他们面前庆祝胜利,从那时候开始Showmaker和Canyon就不停的找机会复仇 -秀神永远不会忘记 -DK 生气了 (NOW MAD是Damwon 反过来)


Game 3 CFO vs 100T

I remember complaining the past 5 years about the game times being unwatchable for NA

I think I want to go back to that

rather wake up disappointed than wait hours just to be let down

这五年来我一直在抱怨LCS的游戏时间太长了看起来太累…我错了,我想回到那段时间 -我宁愿失望的醒来,也不想被折磨几个小时

It makes sense, you could never expect them to beat a powerhouse like Flying Oysters.

They'll have to pick up wins against the weaker teams in the group.

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way an oyster should be able to fly.

Usually people play with their food, Apparently in NA, their food plays with them。

一切都很合理,你永远都不能期望NA可以打败像飞翔的生蚝(CFO的队名)一样的劲旅 -按常理和任何航空管制来说,生蚝不应该会飞 -按常理来说人应该是玩食物的那一方,而NA就厉害了,他们被食物玩

NA getting their reality check earlier than usual.


well NA bros it was a fun 3 days while it lasted o7 time for our yearly dose of suffering


damn this was supposed to be NA’s easiest day too

-From the looks of it it might still be.

今天本来应该是NA最简单的一天的。。。 -别这么悲观,或许后面更糟糕

I guess this year’s shitty theme song is written for NA specifically, they really should star walkin’ home.

今年跟屎一样的主题曲是专门给NA写的吧,他们真应该开始走回家了 (Star Walkin’ 与Start walking 发音一样,后者 有走路回家的意思)

Game 4 JDG vs EG

It's actually unreal how fast and how in-sync JDG pull the trigger on engaging, to the point where they catch a team completely off guard even while down gold/tempo

-Their synergy was really something else in team fights.

京东的团队性和协调性还有对开团时机的把握简直强得不真实,他们可以做到在经济落后的情况下打对面队伍一个措手不及 -他们的协调性在团战中真的恐怖

Well, EG were winning until they weren’t lol


JDG raising NA's hopium stock to make it crash even harder.


In this episode, Kanavi went kind on 369:

\"I felt criticizing won't work, so I decided to praise him.\"

“How did you master Sejuani in one season? Dude, you rarely pick Sejuani, and you played Sejuani amazing.”

369: \"okay.\"

Yagao:\" This is the first time I saw something like this, I was stunned.\"

Kanavi also added in the interview:

\"369 is still young, he can still play, and he can still play for a long time. If he can understand the reason behind it, maybe he can play better and better in the future.\"

最新一集的来者何人: Kanavi:我觉得就是说,好好讲可能听不进去,就可能确实要友善一些。 “我们上路可以猪妹,对面不行。 我都不知道我们训练赛在练猪妹。一个赛季练一个猪妹有这么简单吗?猪妹玩的跟神一样” 369: okok 牙膏:我也是第一次看到这个,我当时都呆住了。我那时候心里想,我要不要站出来夸一下,就感觉他被夸太多了,还是算了我不说了 Kanavi后来说:第一我希望你心里不要有抵抗,觉得我们所有人都在捧杀你。相反我觉得我们大家都在保护你。 他还年轻,他还能打,他要是能明白那种其中的道理的话,以后可能会打的越来越好吧

Ah yes, the rare and mythical 0-3 region day. At least it can't get any worse. The only way from here is up!

好耶,罕见的一整个赛区被0-3. 不过至少我们可以乐观起来,当你在深渊时你只能向上看!

I thought worlds was at NA not at China, jesus they were cheering so loud

-NA might not win a game but the crowd was fantastic.

我还以为世界赛是在中国举办的,他们欢呼声真的好大啊 -NA或许一场都赢不了,但是观众是真的热情!


I can't even imagine what EDG coach is going to do to Jiejie and Flandre after this game LOL

Get the Karsa pasta ready boys

-They do have their own fresh pasta

我都想象不了EDG的教练赛后会怎么骂jiejie和圣枪哥哈哈哈 兄弟们把卡萨圣经准备好 -EDG有最新的圣经了(RNG vs EDG赛后茂凯发火)

doinb in shambles

-doinb and his \"we won't lose a single match from now on\"

Doinb正在颤抖 -doinb:从现在开始我们会一场不输

I swear getting Baron is the biggest contributor to losses at World's



Me: Can't wait for Ruler vs Gala, battle of the hyper-carries

Ruler: No

我:等不及看尺帝打gala了,超级adc之战 尺帝:不

the most disgusting thing about RNG is that they always play to the level of their opponent

-good news for 100T cuz they’re fucking terrible

RNG最恶心的是他们总能表现出和他们对手相近的水平 -那对100T可是个天大的好消息因为他们就是一坨谢特

it's what i've been trying to say lol, you can't really make any conclusion on rng level just because they lost to dfm or other random team

they do this shit all the time


Well this was not the KR 1-1 CN that anyone was expecting


Best part of the game was when Lehends flipped Breathe into Ruler and killed him.

-breathe looked like he was playing mario there

这场游戏的高光是Lehends把呼吸扔到尺帝面前 -呼吸看起来就像在玩马里奥一样

Wow Chovy got so much cs and Xiaohu not even one kill, what a midlaner diff, incredible

-surely he will effectively utilize this gold advantage to have crucial impact in team fights

Wow Chovy的cs真多,反观小虎一个人头都没有,中路差距太大了,不可思议 -那么chovy肯定有效的利用了他的经济领先来对carry团战了吧

Xiaohu was so chad this entire game

\"I have like 1.5 items and am down 60 CS? ENGAGE\"


RNG beat GenG, DFM beat RNG, therefore LJL > LCK


Hmm, at least Chovy's CS Game is on point.. /s


breathe be like: we are just 4th seed


Went to the bathroom and got ganked by Wei, Xiaohu, and Ming

-wanted to walk my dog after dinner and xiaohu was already outside walking him

去了趟厕所,被虎明威给gank了 -本来想在晚饭后出去遛狗,发现小虎已经在溜它了

doinb really has the curse